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Waly Seck and Pape Diouf, imposed by the two musicians mediate

The best way for an artist who has seen his star sparkle, it is to be sponsored by a TV channel », information "The Witness". According to the daily Artists meteoric success, Waly Seck and Pape Diouf is the result of "a powerful media machine". The newspaper reports that Waly Seck […]

[EXCLUSIVITE] Nouveau clip de Waly Ballago Seck- Bégueléne More (Clip Officiel )

Nouveau clip de Waly Ballago Seck- Bégueléne More (Clip Officiel )

« El fenomeno » Waly Seck

You can love or not his way of doing, his attire, son style…, but we must recognize that Waly Seck is a real phenomenon in the Senegalese musical arena. In record time, he shoved the entire hierarchy. Relegating the Pape Diouf, Salam Diallo, Viviane Chedid, Alioune M'baye N'der ... Imagine that for […]

Waly Seck denies the rumor about her fourth child

Waly Seck, currently touring the United States, formally denied the rumor that he would father a child as evidenced by his fourth about in the "Tribune" "It's pure intoxication and lasts. I do not have a 4th child, and if that were the case, I would hide […]

(Photo) Waly Seck en compagnie de Oumou Sow et Mbathio. Look

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Waly Seck,Ciryl Bathily and Birane Ndour in complicity.

Waly Seck listed among the ... son of trigger-happy

The son of Thione Seck is not a choirboy despite its air of nonchalant guy. He demonstrated to be listed by the newspaper The Observer son among the personalities who do not hesitate to draw their "gun". In his very effeminate outfits, le chanteur Waly Seck est souvent l’objet de […]


Adja Diallo-Waly Seck : It coos serious

Following a denial last week of any relationship between Waly Seck and Adja Diallo, environment singer persists and signs : "They are well set out and repeatedly, they were together after an evening at Penc Mi ". Information delivered by our colleagues from Facedakar magazine .

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Making off “Fata feat waly et mbaye dieye ” Guenté réal Papis Niang art-bi

Making off “Fata feat waly et mbaye dieye ” Guenté réal Papis Niang art-bi

Waly Seck he creates scandal for its own promotion ?

Waly is the son of his father to have inherited his art and his beautiful voice. But if Thione Seck is known to have stored alongside his faithful Kine Diouf, Waly, him, is known for its extravagant. First, he married the model Sokhna Aidara with racket : the […]

Waly Seck behind the scenes


Photos: Relive pictures birthday Waly Seck at the Grand Theatre this Saturday

Photos: Relive pictures birthday Waly Seck at the Grand Theatre this Saturday

Anniversary Waly Seck at the Grand Theatre sold out ?

There will be a surprise tomorrow at the Grand Theatre for those who doubted his ability to meet the legendary venue. Waly Seck Ballago may play sold out. Yep ! Entry tickets are found. Our radars have been around Dakar to buy returned empty-handed. It is […]

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VIDEO. Pape Cheikh Diallo rivalise de ” PINW ” avec Waly Seck sur Sen Xeweul

Aggression: Waly Seck ment to make the PUB

The son of Thione Seck lied again to get a few hours of advertising his birthday. The press announced an assault against Waly Seck in Grand Yoff. This information is completely unfounded. According to a relative of the young singer, Waly mimics the strategy Adiouza said before the launch of her album, […]

Assault on Waly Seck, his manager gives his version of events

Since attempts to join Waly Seck about the attack were unsuccessful, our colleagues in the People fell back on his manager who agreed to give explanations. “It is true that we were attacked by a group of men. They asked Waly give them his cell phone and it is […]

Appt 221: Waly Seck I would never change my Way to Dress Me

Waly Seck agressé par des bandits

Ten days after his birthday celebration scheduled for 27 April at the Grand Theatre, Ballago Waly Seck was assaulted in full on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday 03 am. the singer was attacked with HLM Grand-Yoff next to the Catholic Institute, The Educators. according […]


Waly Seck at Magic Land with child 1 January

Waly Seck singing for children in Magic Land 1 January.

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Bouba Ndour, Amady et Waly seck

There is certainly one thing that bothers Bouba Ndour from Amady. In any case it is looking for something that is fun and accomplices Waly Amady. A good mood before to get serious.

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