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The rapper Franco-Malian Mokobé in the company of two charming girlfriends Oumou Provocation and Faye Stuck in Paris

Oumou Provocation en mode interview

Very challenging Oumou

Oumou provocation responds well to his name. She has her own clothes. This is a true business woman.


Oumou provocation versus Colé Faye

It was believed Colé Faye exit the ring of Mayé, but it's wrong to know, during the concert Salam Diallo held in Paris, It was neck and neck with Oumou Provocation. First of all, they each purchased 25 Salam CD, for distribution to the large crowd to attend this concert: […]


Oumou Provocation, Aida Diallo and adjacent, Oumou's sister !

Here Adja Diallo's sister company and Oumou Taunt Taunt itself. They are all in traditional fashion…

Oumou provocation when she had a shaved head !

Provocation is here Oumou mode shaved head. The jet-setter Dakar is also a follower of fashion to garçn…

Photo : Oumou Provocation in the company of Delphine and her husband Bathily

Oumou Provocation is here with the friendly couple who run the restaurant Krystal Villa. A popular place for the jet set Dakar.


Photo ; Oumou Provocation in sexy fashion with Pape Diouf

Here is the jet-setter Oumou Taunt mode with the sexy singer, Pape Diouf. Both celebrities are good friends Dakar.