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2 Photos: Sexy, Mbathio reveals her legs. Look

No doubt Mbathio revives its sexy look despite the scandal pictures that showed her underwear. The dancer who had yet confessed become less sexy, recurred. Look

Mbathio Ndiaye renoue avec les jupes courtes à la soirée de Coumba Gawlo au Barramundi


Mbathio Ndiaye returns to short skirts to evening Zandi Gawlo the Barramundi

She made the buzz on the web with a photo that was his private parts appear. Mbathio Ndiaye who had promised not to dress in short skirt has not kept his promise. Image support for the evening of the great diva Barramundi.

Mbathio Ndiaye accusée de tapage nocturne par ses voisins

Mbathio Ndiaye accused of disturbing the peace by its neighbors

Neighbors dancer Mbathio Ndiaye Mbaye Djily the city are not happy with it. They accuse him of making noise at night coming home late at night. After a dispute with the custodian of the building about garbage, Mbathio Ndiaye again clashed with the same guard. Refused to Make […]

Mbathio Ndiaye video: "It was lying on the ground to take the picture"


Carlou D complicity with Mbathio Ndiaye

Mbathio Ndiaye and valeur le wax


Mbathio Ndiaye pose as Prend

Mbathio Ndiaye, a “Patient” to celebrate its 8th anniversary

The dancer in vogue Mbathio Ndiaye was eclipsed on the front of the stage after the scandal at King Fahd Palace,will celebrate this weekend eight years on stage. The native Kounguel that exudes form after observing a diet a few months will immortalize this great event with […]

La danseuse Mbathio Ndiaye and fashion leggings

Mbathio dancer all smiles in his plane !!!

Mbathio dancer all smiles in his plane !!!

Mbathio Ndiaye: “My faith in God, that's what keeps me alive…”

Ramadan is a period “off” Ndiaye for Mbathio. The evenings, “sabars” and other, its core activities or she cashes in her dancing skills, on vacation. How the boss of the group Rainbow sky she saw this month of deprivation and abstinence? Place the sermon Mbathio! “Since Ramadan began, j'ai Jeune […]

Mbathio Ndiaye at the stage when fighting Gouye-Gui vs Ama Balde

Mbathio Ndiaye at the stage when fighting Gouye-Gui vs Ama Balde

Mbathio Ndiaye : “I am the object of hatred without explanation…”

In an interview with the magazine Thiof, the dancer Mbathio Ndiaye says it is the subject of hatred without explanation. “The provocations were excessive”, she says in the magazine. For the dancer, its success in the medium is not accepted by others.

Mbathio Ndiaye, a dancer bellicose, as other dancers !

The dancer Mbathio Ndiaye is accused by the clan of other dancers to be a belligerent. “It never ceases to provoke us during our meetings, it never stops us cause when it was found”, Aida Dada stated in an interview with a journalist Facedakar


Aida Dada et Mbathio ndiaye, the time they were good friends

Here the two dancers who have become sisters enemies. Yet, there was less than a year, they were the best of friends…