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Bintou Seck, the daughter of Thione Seck, delivers a baby in France

Bintou Seck, la fille de Thione Seck a accouché, d'après Facedakar, a baby in France. Buchi is the wife of the international Cheikh Mbengue playing in Rennes. She had a difficult delivery, so Thione visited France with his wife Physiotherapy. It is, also, once there was that Thione […]


Photo exclusive : Sokhna Aidara along with Bintou Seck !

Sokhna Aidara was radiantly beautiful in the evening of Thione Seck. Here it is here with his beautiful sister, Bintou, one who became the wife of Sheikh Mbengue.

Bintou Seck, Thione's daughter in traditional fashion !

Bintou Deck, Sheikh's new wife is here Mbengue boubou traditional mode and shows that it is a beautiful woman…

A dowry of 2, 5 million to the daughter of Thione Seck

According to various information, Bintou Seck had received a dowry of 2, 5 million from the footballer Sheikh Mbengue. Very few family members are informed of Thione dowry

Bintou Seck, the daughter of Thione Seck, output is for one year with footballer Cheikh Mbengue

The love between Buchi Seck and Cheikh Mbengue lasts for a year. The footballer has had a girl Thione during a visit to his family settled in Senegal, it was love at first sight…

Photos : New images from Bintou Seck, Waly Seck's sister who is married to Sheikh Mbengue

Here are new photos of Bintou Seck, Waly's sister who is married to Senegalese international, Cheikh Mbengue. A beautiful and cute girl..

VIDEO : Watch the ceremony of marriage between the daughter of Thione Seck and Cheikh Mbengue footballer

Here are the new images and video of the wedding of footballer Bintou Seck and Cheikh Mbengue. A private ceremony punctuated by accolades from griots…