Selbe Ndom: “the wrestler hairstyle Davala will beat his opponent”

selbe ndom

The famous seer of the arena gave his long-awaited verdict of the battle Balla Gaye 2-Tapha Tine. And brace yourself! the winner has no name, but a hairstyle: only Davala. “This is the wrestler hairstyle Davala who will win the fight. and having floored his opponent, he will turn toward the official platform to greet his fans” a révélé Selbé Ndom au journal l’AS. Here, in the morning, the seer revealed, broadcast on the FM radio Zik both wrestlers, Balla Gaye 2 and Tapha Tine had appeared on one of the walls of his room and that one of them was on the ground. Now it's lovers to discover the famous, very famous, too famous riddle selbe: the wrestler hairstyle Davala?

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