Miss Diongoma after the publication of indecent photos: “Les images ont...

Miss Diongoma after the publication of indecent photos: “The images were faked”


After his performance more than noticeable in the final of Miss Dakar, Oumy Gaye was abruptly awakened, crumbling under the weight of insults and criticism. His phone nearly exploded, she reveals. Selon la Diongoma callipyge, so wrong there, it is to look on the side of the “Malicious photographers who simply faked his shots. “Day before yesterday (Sunday morning) before I even get up from bed, I became aware that my photos were posted after the election night Miss Dakar, which took place the day before. I immediately connected to try to understand what was happening. I was really shocked when I saw the pictures. I do not think photographers descended as low publishing such photos on me. Although the pants I wore leggings was not as clear they wanted to see (…) I assure you that this pant is not like that. It is they who have made and. This is not the first time I wore. On several occasions, I put it without it there is no scandal like this. This is to tell you that this is a malicious act on the part of photographers. I have not used the outputs of this kind, and if I came to participate in the event, it is only thanks to the invitation of the organizing committee of Miss Senegal. Since I was elected Miss Diongoma, I could not not go. But I want to say that the publication of these photos I have reached the deepest part of my being (…) Ambrose Gomis has done everything to keep me in my chair, but the demands of the public were even stronger. He feared the reaction of the people especially when they saw that I had worn an outfit European instead of a traditional dress. Since I wanted to please the audience who kept cheering me, I'm on the podium without a second thought. I never imagined that things would take this turn, but it is a lesson that will let me know or put your feet now”, Oumy Gaye regret in an interview with The Observer traveled by Leral.